Student Visa

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We have all heard stories of how obtaining a student visa is so complex, with so many rules and regulations that change from country to country. Let us assure you that these stories are all true. It is truly difficult to get a student visa, not to mention frustrating and time-consuming. This is exactly why you need the help of an expert.

At Destination Abroad, you are assured the most accurate information and the best assistance for your student visa needs. Our experience in education consultancy allows you to focus on your studies, while we take on the responsibility of helping you prepare a better student file, which in turn enhances your chance to secure a student visa.

We are the best consultancy firm in North India to get advice on applying for a student visa to Australia, Canada, UK, and New Zealand. The student visa application procedures are different based on destination country and course selected. We can advise you on the correct filing of visa according to laws applicable in the respective country. With updated information on visa filing guidelines, we can increase your chances of getting a visa to 100 percent with CD IELTS Coaching in Amritsar.